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About Us

dishrepublic.jpgDISH REPUBLIC California's Online Foodie Marketplace

DISH REPUBLIC is the original foodie marketplace that seamlessly connects in-home dining with chefs, cooks and home cooking enthusiasts.

Are you one of the 31 Million tasked and tired career warriors or over extended parents wishing you could come home to a delicious freshly made dinner without the fuss of preparing it, cooking it or reheating it?  Long day at the office, desktop lunch, now you need time to work out or partake in social hour after work with colleagues, and still have time for delicious dinner at home: it's all possible thanks to in-home dinning with Dish Republic.  We deliver to your home complete dinners, made fresh daily, fairly priced, ready to enjoy.  Dish Republic cooks its meals fresh everyday so you don’t have to eat someone else’s leftovers.

Dish Republic posts a new menu by 10 AM each day featuring appetizers, entrees, sides, beverages and desserts prepared by small batch craft cuisine cooks every day, delivered directly from our kitchen to your home, ready to eat when you are ready for dinner.  We’ve applied the shared economy business model to the culinary world, where our chefs, cooks and home cooking enthusiasts are the stars of Dish Republic when they want to be, giving them maximum flexibility as independent contractors and entrepreneurs.  Chefs and cooks prepare their own recipes, using their own techniques to expand their culinary brand visibility, while home cooking enthusiasts are finally able to fulfill their culinary aspirations in a fully equipped commercial kitchen.  

Dish Republic delivers a nutrition focused and socially responsive foodie experience where palates rule.

All Dish Republic recipes are tested for quality and most importantly tastiness before they are added to the menu.

All Dish Republic recipes are prepared fresh daily in our commercial kitchen.   That way we can deliver them in time for dinner, ready to eat.

Dishes are produced in a limited number of servings, posted each day.  As servings are sold, the number of servings available reduces until we are sold out.

Dish Republic is socially responsive, with food donations to the The Waste Not OC Coalition, a public/private partnership striving to meet the nutritional needs of our community by facilitating the donation and distribution of wholesome surplus food.  For more information on The Waste Not OC Coalition, please visit www.wastenotoc.org.


In order to ensure optimal delivery operations, we are pleased to offer the following Monday through Friday delivery schedule windows:

4:15PM - 5:00PM
5:00PM - 5:45PM
5:45PM - 6:30PM
6:30PM - 7:15PM


We are pleased to offer pick-up hours, which you can select at check-out so we can make sure your order is ready when you arrive.
Pick-up is available Monday through Friday from 4:15PM until 7:00PM.